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Holly Michelle

Photographer + Graphic Designer + Website Designer + Digital Creator + Wife + Mommy + Yogi


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Why I love what I do

I have a passion for creating lasting memories for my clients. I have always loved looking at old photographs and I've always enjoyed creating anything that deals with art and design. Putting my love for photographs and my love for art together into one hobby, is something that not only brings joy to my creative, artistic heart, but also allows me to help others by capturing lasting memories for them!

Photographs are worth 1000+ words and they tell stories. Eventually, all we will have left of a great memory or a family member, is a photograph. "Photographs are return tickets to a moment otherwise gone."

Meaning, you can look at a photo and remember everything about that person or that moment. All the good memories come rushing back and if you really dive into it... you can feel it; you can feel it in your heart and soul as if you were there.

Photography isn't about capturing perfect models posed to look a certain way... its about capturing the emotions, the energy, the feelings the realness of a person or memory. No fake editing, no fake poses and no staged situations.

I love being able to be the one to capture lasting memories for people to have for a lifetime; being a part in capturing those exciting moments, their last moments with a loved one, capturing the love between two people or the love between family <3

; being a part in creating those memories warms my heart and I absolutely love everything that I do!

Experience & History




I started my digital art journey in 2004, when I was just 10 years old. I created my own website and from there, taught myself about graphic design and photo editing.

In 2012, I attended college, studying Graphic Design

I also took on an internship with a website designer as her Graphic Designer.

In the year 2012, I briefly worked at local portrait studio and hated it...I didn't like not being able to add my own creativity to the photos I was taking. Everything was by the book of that company, posed and fake... so I started to dab into starting a photography business of my own! I've been operating as Holly Michelle Photography NC since! :-)

In the year 2022 I started to really miss my graphic design days and decided to start a separate design business for website design and graphic design; my original love before photography! 

HM Digital Design

Today, I own and operate both Holly Michelle Photography NC and HM Digital Design! I also incorporate both together at times, taking photos for the businesses I help with HM Digital Design.

Both business have really taken off for me and I hope to continue to grow both! 

Let's Be Friends!

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